Per Hole Pledge

Thank you for your support of The First Tee of Broard by supporting one of our players in the 2019 Golf Marathon.  Please complete the form below to complete your pledge.  As you are pledging per hole, you will be notified at the conclusion of the event (May / June) as to the number of holes played by the player you are supporting and thus the amount to be donated.  Thank you for your support.

Player List

Jack Bloomfield

Brian Anderson

Buddy Mansor

Michael Cohen

Gene Perkins

Marty Elberg

Bobby Fournier, Jr.

Jason Richter

Steven Dougherty

Kevin Eikevik

Casey Sherwin

Mike Saviano

Michael Rajtar​

Richard Karp

Mark Sergio

Ryan Shimony (13)

Nick Diamond

Chris Ivey

Bryan Stuvevos

Max Walker

Mike Buonaiuto

Trent Alexander

Adam Spiegel

Sean Weiss

Christophe Caron

Stina Caron

Emma Leonardi

David Vives

Corey Henry

Olive Marano (6th Grader)

John Ferris

​Mike Remmert

Kevin Shacter

Joe Pietragallo

Mathew Kaplan

Dylan Jacobson

Scott Waldman

Jack Barrett

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